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Years of active service

2 Decades

For more than two decades, Sphinx has been honored to serve the long-term financial interests of individuals and families across the US.


Our Focus

Our aim is to offer unmatched performance and uncompromising service to all our clients. Beyond our contemporary strategy for portfolio building, we furnish a degree of customized service and transparent communication that's scarce in larger organizations. This guarantees our clients' comfort and confidence when choosing Sphinx.

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Wealth Management

From our inception, we've diligently served individuals and families, from those starting their investment journey, to those transitioning to a comfortable and financially free retirement. Clients approach Sphinx in search of our no nonsense approach to long-term asset management. We have a proven track record in effectively handling situations like market volatility, domestic and international asset diversification, business tax strategies; optimizing retirement income and taxation, and estate planning.


Asset Management

Asset management forms the essence of our identity. Being core asset managers, our mission involves delivering institutional-grade investments to every client. For more than two decades, Sphinx has collaborated with selected institutional clients, offering asset management through our exclusive long-only equity management capabilities. We oversee small to large cap value and growth equity, along with international value strategies.

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portfolio solutions

Sphinx partners with a wide range of finance professionals to deliver bespoke, comprehensive investment solutions. Leveraging a combined 100 years of expertise in managing businesses, family offices, and funds, our in-house chief investment officer (CIO) and team of analysts customizes portfolios to align with our clients' unique financial aims, risk thresholds, and mission-related objectives.

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